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February 13, 2010
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Kidnapped Miaka by Thurosis Kidnapped Miaka by Thurosis
To chapter 02 [link]

As i said before ^^;

i still have a lot of ideas (Stories) for Mechas Heart AI, which i'm happy and glad about, but the worse part is, that i lack of time or don't feel like to draw a whole story. =(

but i still like to tell them ^^

Here is a Story about Miaka who got kidnapped (maybe the next chapter of Mechas Heart AI or one of the farther ones)

It is a beautiful day, when Miaka wakes up from her artificial slumber in the labotory. She stands up and check all her internal systems. All systems are green and she couldn’t find any Ayaka-corrupted files. After the check-up she looks around, the laboratory looks messy as ever, but she see that Thurosis is still asleep in front of his giant computer. He is tierd from the hard work yesterday night, and Miaka rememberd suddenly the maintenance yesterday that took longer than expected, also that Thurosis tried hard this time, because he don't want to repeat the experience he made few months ago.
Miaka goes closer to him, touched his cheek and smiled. She suddenly turn around and goes upstais, because she want to make a delicious breakfast, to surprise Thurosis, when he wakes up but at the stairs she began to go carefully up the stairs, even if her AI is 100% sure that she won’t fell down. But the awareness that if she get any damage would hurt, her master more than herself would, maked her to be extra careful.
In the kitchen Miaka opened the fridge, her inner sensor showed her immediatly the abnormal temperature inside. It’s 17,5°C, way to warm, so she began to take a look at the food. Her AI whisper with an mechnical voice:

Initiating: Food analyzing Programm:

Object: Cheese.
Analyzing status: ...
Analyzed: Abnormal Form of 85%, furry coat, moving.
Object Status: Rotten, unenjoyable for humans

So Miaka analyzed one thing after another, and at the end she found out that nothing is edible inside the fridge. Few seconds later her AI concluded to go out to buy the ingredients she needs for the breakfast, but before Miaka could went out, at the Door, she stopped, because she noticed that she needs to dress up, because she is still naked!

Dressed like a normal human girl, she went outside, and her GPS tells her the way. The next Supermarket is just two blocks away, so it isn’t difficult.
On her way back, Miaka is really happy that nobody noticed that she is an android, but she didn’t noticed that someone followed her since she left the supermarket...
Around the street corner a man suddenly attacked her from behind, he grabbed and hold her hands and with the other hand he put a scarf at her mouth. Miaka noticed that the scarf is filled with chloroform. But since Miaka is an Android, she didn’t fall asleep as the unknown attacker as exspected, she hit his stomach with her elbow and jumped away from that guy.
Miaka turn around and saw that the attacker is masked. The masked man still holding his stomach, and Miaka saw see this as a chance to knock him out. But unluckly that guy could evade and started lightning fast a counterattack and hitted her with a Voltage pistole.
Caused by the high voltage Miaka, all system went offline... and her sight turned black.
Miaka suddenly rebootet herself, and went online again, without knowing how much time have passed but not even a second have passed she receive a large amount of fatal and critical errors... [to be continued]

sorry for my bad english ^^;
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so sad I hope she gets a happy ending
Thurosis Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
we will never since i stopped writing this story...
...well that sucks
Thurosis Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
yeah, I'm sorry for the dissappointment
Etermaldream May 9, 2011  Student General Artist
awesome dude
Thurosis May 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
thank you very much ^^
Dragonguardian253 Jun 1, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
wow,poor miaka.she goes down to the market and ends up getting caught by someone...great beginning of the story.
Thurosis Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
thank you very much ^^;

and how about 2nd part? if you have read it... bad i mean the story not the situation in there...
Dragonguardian253 Jun 5, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
i've read the second part.that dude is seriously messed up,he's extremely messed up.i hope that miaka gets free soon and that masked guy gets what he deserves!
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