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June 30, 2009
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Asterion Teaser by Thurosis Asterion Teaser by Thurosis
Tp page 001: [link]

:iconfulao:'s comment:

Well, here it is: A first impression of things to come. This will be the cover-art of the first issue of a future comic book series :iconthurosis: and I have been working on for a long time. Since we are both preoccupied with a lot of other work and also want this comic to be well constructed and good looking, this is still very much WIP.
Obviously, the story is about a conflict between two very different nations. These nations used to form one single country in the past, but split up a few decades ago and have taken completely different paths of development since then. The story is about war, love, hate, society, technology, and magic…and altogether pure epic. It will not have one main character, but rather a set of major characters and a lot of supporting characters, much like a good TV series.
Please note that the comic itself will not be uploaded on DA, apart from maybe occasional teaser images. We are planning on finding a publisher or, if needs be, publishing it ourselves. If anybody is willing to support us, you are welcome to contact us. Your help will be much appreciated.
Also, I would like to thank :iconthurosis: for all the work he has done so far. I know that I am hard to please sometimes and I really think he has taken his art to a whole new level during this project. As the sole artist working on this comic, its progress depends mostly on his work, and the amount of work he gets done depends mostly on his motivation. So please don't hold back with your praise ;)

Artist: :iconthurosis:
Writer: :iconfulao:
Design: :iconthurosis: and :iconfulao:

Thank you very much :iconfulao:
And a HOORAY for Teamwork!!!

To Page [link](001)
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Aconfidentialname Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
make it fast please!! I ca'nt wait for reading it!!!!!!
Thurosis Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Still need the translation of my story partner :iconfulao:
FuLao Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Hey...slagging me off behind my back, are you? Waiting for my translation...aha. I guess NOW I know why this project is taking so long! It's because I constantly keep you waiting while all the drawings are long done! Why didn't you tell me?!
Joking aside, you know I know everything about the progress and the reasons why things aren't moving exactly fast, but please don't tell people it's my fault when really it definetly is not.
Aconfidentialname Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2010
ooohh, well I can wait (I suppose)
Elwe-the-Elf Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
I can't wait to read it. Will it be in English? Or just German?

Either way let meh know when it gets published. :D
Thurosis Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
thank you so much ^^

we'll do our best ^^
FuLao Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
thanks for the comment. Right now it's only in German but the translation wouldn't be a problem at all. In case it actually got published (which I'm sincerely hoping for) it would probably be in German...that ist unless we can find an English publisher. I would definitely prefer the comic being published only in English over it not getting published at all, so if we can't find a way to get it published over here, we might as well start looking abroad. And don't worry, we will probably let EVERYBODY know when it comes to that ;)
Elwe-the-Elf Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
kiyuuQ Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2009
nice colour.. i luv it..! :D
Thurosis Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very much ^^
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